IMA April Tuition Update

Dear IMA Students and Families,

As we near the beginning of April, sadly, it is clear that IMA will not be in a position to reopen classes for our amazing students. No tuition will be due for the month of April. If you are on auto-pay, your account will not be charged.

I appreciate all of the feedback that we are receiving from our students and the families. Everyone seems to be coming up with wonderful ways to spend time with family, cooking together, exercising, playing games. I know that there may also be some frustration as we try to keep our kids in the learning mode.

One big lesson that I learned from Grand Master Jhoon Rhee about working with students:  He would always tell us instructors that it is important to correct our students. Then he would always emphasize that we must be careful to  “correct with a smile on your face”. 😊

If you have any questions about curriculum, or basically anything that you want to talk about, I am here. Email, call, contact me in any way you feel would help.

On behalf of our awesome instructors, we miss you all !!

Steve Frost