March 27, 2020


Please warm up your body before beginning your martial arts practice. This can be done with the Jhoon Rhee CD if you have it or by doing a succession of 10 jumping jacks, 10 running jacks, 10 cross jacks, 3 times. Next, work on some leg swings, front and back, then side to side.

Skills to work on Today:

Combinations up to your belt rank. Work once through the combinations slowly.  Ensure that each stance and position in the combination is correct. Say the moves as you go through the combinations, then try a second time with speed. 


  1. Look up one interesting fact about Grand Master Jhoon Rhee and email it to Mr. Frost. 
  2. Perform the number of pushups required for your belt rank.
  3. Perform the number of situps required for your belt rank.