All Those Belt Colors

Integrity Martial Arts Taekwondo Graduation

Most martial arts systems signify ranking with a belt system. In our practice, the belt is a tangible indication of the students will to continue studies. Beyond being pretty colors, the belts we wear at Integrity Martial Arts have meaning.

White Belt: Innocence and purity. A student views the study of taekwondo as a child, whether young or old.

Yellow Belt: Symbolizes the sunrise and the dawning of knowledge. Mental and physical changes begin. Attainment of this rank brings a sense of attainment.

Orange Belt: Signifies the day. This belt shows that the student is taking in knowledge. The students basic techniques are growing and the student is becoming more in tune with his or her body.

Green Belt: This belt symbolizes spring and the beginning of even more growth in the student. This belt symbolizes the student as a young plant with leaves reaching to the sky.

Purple Belt: The darkening sky. Heavy continuing knowledge. Their is much still to be learned and the students and they must practice perseverance.

Blue Belt: Blue is the color of the sky and shows that the student is reaching up to the sky. The belt symbolizes ambition and desire for complexity in techniques. At this rank, the student must also grow their humility and patience.

Red Belt: Fire and the sun, and…danger. Though the student is familiar with all the techniques, the student still lacks control.  Here the student must practice executing techniques with control.

Brown Belt: In our system we have two brown belts: 1st and 2nd brown. Mountains and earth. This belt symbolizes the firm foundation. The second brown belt is a solid brown color. The 1st Brown belt has a black strip on it and is the first appearance of black in the belt, denoting the student is practicing to get to black belt.

Black Belt: Signifies the concentration of knowledge and control. Now the real training begins for the taekwondo student! If kept long enough and practiced enough, the belt with eventually turn white, signifying the full cycle of training.

Ellicott City Aikido Kokikai

Integrity Martial Arts has Aikido classes for adults on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. The classes are taught through Ellicott City Aikido Kokikai.

Aikido Kokikai

Aikido Kokikai is a self-defense art that uses throws and pins to defend against striking and grabbing attacks. One moves out of the way of an attack and simultaneously uses the attack’s momentum to unbalance and redirect the attacker. In other words, Aikido Kokikai uses timing, evasion, and redirection, not great physical strength in order to neutralize an attack.

Aikido Kokikai has a minimalist aesthetic expressed as “minimum effort for maximum effect”. In Kokikai the ideal technique is the most natural and comfortable one, requiring the least movement and the least energy. Kokikai is also a modern school of Aikido: our techniques continually evolve and become more effective against realistic attacks.

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