Mr. Steve Frost – Owner / Sr. Instructor

Mr. Frost began his training in backyard boxing at about 7 years old. His Irish Father figured that boxing was the best way to resolve disputes with his brother. Mr. Frost began his formal martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do in the 1990s under Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the father of modern Tae Kwon Do. Earning his Black Belt in 1997. Mr. Frost began instructing in 1996 at the Jhoon Rhee Institute as a Brown Belt. Mr. Frost studied in many other styles and under other Masters over the years developing skills in Hapkido, Shockwave Defense, Hagana, TNT, and EZ Defense.

Mr. Frost is certified to instruct in many of these styles and formats. He is a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Arts. Mr. Frost continues to study martial arts, self-defense, and the art and science of teaching.Mr. Frost is also very proud of his 2 daughters that are now Black Belt instructors at Integrity Martial Arts and his youngest daughter: Little Tiger Joanna.

Mr. Dennis Lew – Sr. Instructor

Mr. Dennis Lew has been studying martial arts for nearly 2 decades holding multiple black belts in both Japanese and Korean styles of martial arts. Most recently Mr. Lew earned his 2nd Degree Black Belt from Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee. Mr. Lew continues to train as well as teach at Integrity Martial Arts. Mr. Lew’s nickname at Integrity Martial Arts is “The Professor”. He earned this nickname because of his unique ability to communicate the fine details of the technical aspects of our style of Tae Kwon Do with students at all skills level in an effective and powerful way.


Ms. Youngju An – Instructor

 Ms. An began her Martial Arts training while in college. After college, she took a break from training as she continued her education earning her Masters in B.A. and her Law Degree (JD) and beginning her career as a criminal prosecutor. Finally returning to earn her Black Belt from Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee and has continued her training in Tae Kwon Do. Ms. An is also a certified instructor in Tae Kwon Do at Integrity Martial Arts and in EZ Defense personal protection. Ms. An is bilingual and speaks fluent English and Korean.