Tae Kwon Do Notebook


Something Mr. Frost brought up in class the other night is a martial arts notebook.  Here is the why and how of keeping a notebook.

First for the how:

I would suggest a binder for your martial arts notebook. This way you can keep all of your certificates, forms papers, and testing review sheets in one place for future reading. When a new technique is introduced you can write down some details for when you are training at home. A few plastic sheet protectors for the forms descriptions and blank lined paper for writing down notes.

The Why

Because, you will improve as a martial artist faster! The binder becomes a place to house your testing reviews, your goals, your areas to improve on. When you find that you are stuck at particular belt color, you can review your testing sheets to see where the instructors have told you can improve. When you need inspiration, you can review your previous certificates and see how far you have come. Seeing things in your own words can help to solidify techniques in your mind.

Now, if you need some inspiration, Mr. Frost has his training Taekwondo binder at the front of the dojo; give it a look through. Also, ask other martial artists about their notebook so you can see how they have their’s set up.