Goal Setting in Your Tae Kwon Do Practice

benefits of setting goals on blackboard

What better time than January to talk about goal setting. You may think you don’t need to set goals, but I am going to say you probably do. At Integrity Martial Arts, goal setting is a big part of how the students get to their black belt. It takes setting short term and long term goals for students to make it to black belt.

Below is a quote from the book “Becoming a Complete Martial Artist” that explains goal setting way better than I can.

“You have to define the goal; then it defines you.”

Ex: Set a goal to get  straight A’s. Once you achieve the goal, then you become a straight A student.

There are three parts to goal setting in your Taekwondo practice that will help you achieve you goals.

  1. Make your goal. 
    Your goal should be realistic and attainable. Since I am a red belt and have been for about six months, getting to second-brown in the next six months is attainable. Think about some goals you want to attain in and out of your martial arts practice.
  2. Write it down.
    You have to make yourself accountable for your goal by telling someone about your goal and writing it down. Write down your goal in your Tae kwon Do binder and also post somewhere you can see it. Tell your spouse or parent about your goal so that you are accountable.
  3. Timeline
    So to seal the deal on the goal, you need to give it a timeline.  Think about your goal and write down the date you want to accomplish your goal.

That is it. Simple huh? Now make a goal and see what you can accomplish! If you make a goal, please bring it in for Mr. Frost to review. You may even get a star for your uniform!