Adel’s Parent Testimonial

We love nothing more than to receive letters from parents telling us how Taekwondo has improved their child’s confidence, behavior, and discipline. Below is a great letter from Adel’s parents. Great job Adel!

Dear Integrity Martial Arts,

We would like to let you know how much of a positive impact you and your Taekwondo dojo is having on Adel.

Adel has been great both at home and at school.

At home he reads to his little brother, makes his bed, and cleans up after playing with his toys. He is setting a good example for his brother through his exemplary leadership.  At school, he has been getting very good grades and he is actually performing “Above grade level” in both mathematics and English.

We are very proud of him as parents and we thank IMA for all the good work you are doing to instill discipline, inspire confidence, and create an environment of life-long learning for our kids.

Adolf and Angela Brown