Taekwondo Belt Testing is This Week!

Martial Arts Belts

Belt testing at Integrity Martial Arts is on Wednesday this week. If you are on the list, now is a good time to review past Taekwondo graded belt test sheets and see where you need to focus some practice time before the test.

If you have never tested at IMA before, good luck! Testing can feel a little nerve-wreaking but don’t let those nerves ruin your focus. You are on the list because the instructors feel you are ready to test. Go in Focused, determined and with your black belt attitude and you will do fine. Everyone at our studio is supportive of each other and we all help each other succeed; so do your best and I guarantee you will do well.

A little hint is to yell real loud. Nothing says black belt attitude like a loud yell!

Remember to Bring:

  1. FULL uniform
  2. Sparring Gear, if you have it.
  3. Life Stretch, if you have it.
  4. Testing Paperwork.
  5. Black Belt Attitude