What Is My Technical Kick?


Part of the Integrity Martial Arts Taekwondo curriculum is technical kicks. The ability to perform technical kicks is what earns you a green stripe for your belt. Though you can find a list of the technical kicks in the Integrity Martial Arts Belt and Stripe System manual; I thought it would be nice to post it here as well. Below is a list of the kicks for each belt. 

Technical Kicks      

White Belt:         3 count front kick

Sr. White Belt:   3 count round kick

Sr. Gold Belt:      4 count side kick

Orange Belt:       4 count double round kick

Green Belt:         6 count double side kick

Purple Belt:        3 count hook kick

Blue Belt:             6 count round side kick

Red Belt:              7 count hook / round / side kick

Brown Belt:        9 count front / round/ side / hook kick