Basic Taekwondo Words and Commands

Starting martial arts classes can be intimidating. New people, new exercise, new words! Today, I am going to cover the basics. A few Taekwondo words and commands you will hear around the Integrity Martial Arts Dojang. See, there is one already and we have not even started…

Below are a list of some of the basics, starting with the word Taekwondo:


Attention – Charyut (“Chari-yut”)

Begin or Start – Sijak
Ready – Joon Bi
Sit – Anjo
Bow – Kyungnet
Taekwondo School/Studio – Dojang
Uniform – Dobok

Every once in a while, Mr. Lew will start to count in Korean. Below are the numbers he is saying.

One – Hana (“Ha-na”)
Two – Dul (“Dhool”)
Three – Set (“Set”)
Four – Net (“Net”)
Five – Dasot (“Da-sut”)
Six – Yasot (“Yo-sut”)
Seven – Ilgup (“Eel-gope”)
Eight – Yodol (“Yo-dull”)
Nine – Ahop (“Ah-hope”)
Ten – Yeol (“Yull”)

So if you want to impress your instructors start using some of the words above! See you in class!