What does perseverance mean for you in your Taekwondo practice? It means you keep on going no matter what. If you feel like quitting because you are tired, you keep going. Let’s say you are asked to break a board and it doesn’t break. You keep striking until it does. You may need to take a breath, refocus, yell just a bit louder but you stick with it until the board

Here is another scenario. It is sparring month and you get hit, accidentally, in the nose? Or you get knocked down? Do you take off your gear and say, “No more for me!” Nope. You keep coming back to class and keep sparring because the only way to get to black belt is through perseverance.

The wonderful thing about perseverance is that it is also applicable to our daily lives. It is a good reminder that when things are hard, you just keep at them because that is what perseverance means to you as a Taekwondo student. You can accomplish anything you want to accomplish if you keep trying.