Tae Kwon Do Belt Colors

Martial Arts Belts 3

If you have ever wondered what the color of the belts mean at Integrity Martial Arts? I am here to help. Below is a breakdown of the Tae Kwon Do belt system.

White Belt: Innocence and purity. A student views the study of tae kwon do as child, whether young or old.

Yellow Belt: This belt color symbolizes the sunrise and the dawning of knowledge. Mental and physical changes begin.

Orange Belt: The day, this belt shows that the student is taking in knowledge. The students basic techniques are growing.

Green Belt: Like the color suggests, this belt symbolizes spring and the begining of even more growth in the student.

Purple Belt: The belt represents the darkening sky–heavy with the journey continuing to learn. Their is much still to be learned and the students and they must practice perseverance.

Blue Belt: Blue is the color of the sky and shows that the student is reaching up to the sky. The belt symbolizes ambition. At this rank, the student must also grow their humility and patience.

Red Belt: Fire and the sun, and…danger. Though the student is familiar with all the techniques, the student still lacks control.  Here the student must practice executing techniques with control.

Brown Belt: Mountains and earth. This belt symbolizes the firm foundation. The 1st Brown belt has a black strip on it and is the first appearance of black in the belt, denoting the student is practicing to get to black belt.

Black Belt: Bet you thought I would say: “The End.” Nope. This belt is black because it signifies the concentration of knowledge and control. Now the real training begins for the tae kwon do student! If kept long enough and practiced with enough, the belt with eventually turn white, signifying the full cycle of training.