Martial Arts Belt Systems and Goal Setting

Well its a new year and it seems like a good time to talk about goal setting. The article below was written by Art Mason. Full link is below the article.

The martial arts belt system is one of the greatest human development systems ever created, but only if it is used correctly. Success in the real world is full of obstacles. They need to be surmounted to achieve the desired goal or result. Most people quit within inches of their success!

So what does the martial art belt system teach? It teaches both children and adults to set goals, attain them, and see the visual results of these achievements. Also when in the hands of a great martial arts teacher, this goal setting skill can be taught to be used in real life as well.

Many martial art systems today have abandoned the belts and uniforms of tradition saying these ideas are antiquated. Too bad they are missing the big picture. In our society the term Black Belt has significant meaning and is associated with excellence. What a goal this is!

Did you know that only 3% of the population have written goals? Those who practice the art of goal setting, with diligence, are always successful. Why? Because they have a clear vision and image of what they want to achieve. Are you seeing the relationship to the belt system yet?

There are literally thousands of goal setting courses available online and in book stores. Most people who purchase these self development tools never even open package. In a martial art school like mine, they don’t need to open the package, they just need to attend class, and the goal setting begins.

For those of you not involved in the arts, let me explain further. This example is based on my own school. The new student walks into the school her first class. She is wearing her white gi or uniform with a new white belt wrapped around her waist. As she watches the other students practice she sees many different belt colours. The belt colours tie into the skill level of the student. This understanding is the first step in goal setting success.

After 3 months of working on kata and self defense techniques, which at first were very challenging, but now are getting easier, she is ready for her first grading. After her grading she receives a brand new belt, it is white with a yellow stripe. She feels a great sense of accomplishment and pride tying on this new belt. Now she is thinking about yellow belt.

This process in our school will go on for 4 years to reach the level of Black Belt. After the level of Black Belt is attained the student will continue to train and learn, attaining higher Black Belt ranks and understanding. For the new student the short term goal, which is achieved every three months is a new belt, the long term goal is Black Belt. Depending on the school and system, there may be other goals built in as well.

If the student has an outstanding teacher, this teacher will tie these into the outside world. The student will understand the importance of setting goals, both short term (months) and long term (3-5 years, 10-20 years). The student will also learn how to visualize the successful results.Learning to set goals is the key to success in life. I call it living life on purpose.Author’s Bio: 

Art Mason is a professional martial arts teacher located in Windsor Ontario Canada. Visit his website at