Knife and Pistol Seminar

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This seminar will be at Integrity Martial Arts and will be taught to you by Josh Reis:  Ganbaru Buyu Dojo

Day one will cover use and defense against a knife, accessing a knife and
protecting it.  Day two will focus on pistol use. Topics will include; protecting, deploying
and defending against a sidearm. Depending on the time, long-guns will be
briefly covered as well. Both days will include some empty hand training to demonstrate various principles.

Attire for this seminar is something comfortable with a sturdy belt for a
holster and no shoes. Socks or indoor tabi only when on the mats. There will
be some grabbing, so either a sturdy t-shirt or a sweatshirt would be best.
Please bring training firearms, holsters and training knives. A few extras will
be available if needed. There will be a short break on Saturday, and a break
for lunch on Sunday. Please email or PM me for any questions you may have.

Cost is $60.
Hours: Saturday, 21 Oct – 3pm-7pm
Sunday, 22 Oct – 10am-3pm
For more information, please contact Josh Reis at: or

This seminar is for adults only. NO, I repeat, NO live weapons will be allowed. Please bring a training pistol, holster if you have one, a training knife, and if you have it, body armor. Attire is something comfortable such as normal daily wear or gi pants. A belt will be needed to hold a holster. No shoes allowed on the mats. Please wear either indoor tabi or socks. A few extra training pistols, knives and holsters will be available for use if needed.

Josh has been training in the martial arts for over 25 years. He
was awarded his judan in 2015. Josh teaches and trains with a
critical eye towards combat, having deployed to Afghanistan
multiple times with the army and civilian jobs. Classes will
often demonstrate applications of techniques in the context of
armored fighting with weapons which would be encountered
on today’s battlefield.

If I don’t know you and you plan on attending,
please send me an email or message to introduce yourself and provide a mutual friend of ours as a reference. Due to the topics covered, I will be picky about who is in attendance. Thank you for understanding.