4 Reasons Why Teenagers Need Martial Arts

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4  Reasons Why Teenagers Need Martial Arts

Teenagers face enormous challenges today. There are more activities that encourage teens to be sedentary like the Internet and video games. Peer pressure has been replaced by images of glamorous young people they admire and these young people are not necessarily setting a good example. Teens are also bombarded by conflicting messages on social media. Today’s teens need to have a strong focus on body, mind and spirit to survive and thrive. Studying martial arts at Martial Arts USA in Orland Park can be the answer for confused parents who want to provide their kids with good guidance.

As a parent, there are four solid reasons why martial arts are an excellent choice for your teen:

1. It develops self-esteem/self-confidence. It is during adolescence that teenagers first flirt with risky behavior. You may be surprised to find that risky behavior to a teenager is joining a new social circle, learning a new sport as well as risky behaviors often identified like drinking or taking drugs. Encouraging teens to form new friendships and study something new builds the strong self-confidence that leads to good self-esteem and more good choices.

2. It increases their level of fitness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of obese teenagers has quadrupled in the past 30 years. Puberty certainly plays its role, but once growth has taken place, teens need to develop healthy habits for a lifetime. Martial arts, unlike team sports, are a year-round activity encouraging physical fitness all the time. It also combines vigorous physical activity with mental development, discipline and focus. It keeps teens moving physically and mentally. Studying a martial art is also a good choice for chubby teens that need to focus on their individual performance versus a team performance.

3. Teaches self-defense. We don’t like to talk about crime but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention over 40 million Americans are victims of crime each year. Preparing teens for danger is important especially given that young people between the ages 12 and 19 experience physical crimes at the highest rate. Studying Tae Kwon Do or Hapkido provides the practical strategies necessary for protecting oneself and getting away from danger.

4. Martial arts combat bullying. Studying martial arts encourages inclusion and fosters a sense of acceptance among all practitioners. Teens are encouraged to respect one another and encourage one another in their practice. Many times teens with an advanced belt will also be expected to coach younger children and assist the instructor. These activities not only build character, they teach young people essential skills to deal with one another.

Whether it’s self-esteem, physical exercise, self-defense or personal growth, martial arts is the best choice for teens. Teens that have found it difficult to excel in team sports often do so at martial arts. Give Martial Arts USA in Orland Park a call at 708.995.7974 and learn how your teen can grow with Tae Kwon Do in a friendly family atmosphere.