Integrity Yoga: Connecting Mind, Body and Breath


Connecting Mind, Body and Breath

Our breath is the most important tool we have in our daily yoga practice. While breathing is an involuntary mechanism of our body, we can control the duration, path and quality of each breath. We do this by using our mind to tell the body what it needs to do to control our breath, and this in turn is used to increase mental clarity and reduce stress. This creates constant communication between the mind and body through the medium of our breath. By allowing all of our movements in a yoga class to follow our breath, we are able to better concentrate on our breath and learn when we are pushing ourselves too far or if our mind is wandering away from focusing on our breath. As a beginner in a yoga class it can be hard to keep your focus on the breath for more than 5 or 10 minutes, but it becomes easier with each class until it becomes a natural part of your yoga practice.

Upcoming Yoga Classes

February 5th – We will be incorporating a lot of movement into our vinyasa yoga class allowing ourselves to connect our movement to our breath.
February 12thWe will take a break from our usual vinyasa yoga class and do a yin yoga class to spend some time working on our joints, tendons, and fascia and to practice being still.
February 19thWe will work on our core strength and crow pose
February 26th –  I will teach a traditional Ashtanga Yoga class, holding poses for five breaths while learning how we can breathe to help us get through some uncomfortable moments.