Integrity Yoga January 2016 Newsletter

Make a Commitment to Your Health in 2016

The New Year is approaching and it is a great time to make a new commitment to our health and well-being. Yoga is a great way to improve ourselves both physically and mentally. Stress-reduction, increased flexibility and balance, better focus and overall mood, are all benefits that are possible when we commit to a regular yoga practice. Come join me on January 1st at Integrity Yoga to begin your new yoga journey to start the New Year.

Class Description

Students taking Josh’s yoga classes will gain freedom of expression, through an emphasis on balancing postures, strengthening postures, meditation and pranayama techniques. By discovering their true selves, students will learn how to practice yoga safely in their own bodies, while finding strength and balance they did not think they had. Josh is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and looks forward to sharing his love of yoga with you.

Upcoming Yoga Classes

January 1st – We will work on core strength and do some deep leg stretches. We will also do a breathing exercise and a short meditation.
January 8thWe will take a break from our usual vinyasa yoga class and do ayin yoga class to spend some time working on our joints, tendons, and fascia and to practice being still.
January 15thWe will work on balancing poses, and stretch out our neck, shoulders and upper back.
January 22nd –  I will teach a traditional Ashtanga Yoga class, holding poses for five breaths while learning how we can breathe to help us get through some uncomfortable moments.
January 29th –  We will work on back bends and start moving with a little more freedom than usual.