Integrity Yoga August Newsletter

yoga and intuition

Using Your Intuition

We are all uniquely built, both physically and mentally. This can have huge effects on how we should approach any yoga pose. It is tempting to want to know if you are doing the pose correctly, or to emulate what another person is doing, but in the end yoga is a personal practice. We want to practice yoga with our current body, not the body we had yesterday, nor what we imagine ourselves having in the future. We also need to make sure we are not practicing with someone else’s body.

Learning how to trust our own instincts when trying different yoga poses is a rewarding experience and can lead us to learning a lot about ourselves. Just following what a yoga teacher says without noticing how it makes you feel may still bring some benefit but it only just begins to touch the surface of the experience of flowing between yoga poses intuitively with the freedom to follow your own instincts about what feels right for your own body.