Integrity Yoga — July Newsletter


This coming Independence Day is a great time to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy here in the US that many others in the world do not have. It also a time to look inward at our own dependencies that are not serving us well. Whether it is unhealthy eating habits, destructive thoughts about ourselves or others, or wishing we were living someone else’s life, we can lose our ability to live a life without suffering through it.

A regular yoga practice helps us calm the fluctuations of our mind bringing equanimity and balance to our present selves. It is here where we can begin to rid ourselves of dependencies that seem to control our every decision, once we see that they are not a part of our genuine experience.

Class Description

Students taking Josh’s yoga classes will gain freedom of expression, through an emphasis on balancing postures, strengthening postures, meditation and pranayama techniques. By discovering their true selves, students will learn how to practice yoga safely in their own bodies, while finding strength and balance they did not think they had. Josh is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and looks forward to sharing his love of yoga with you.

Current Schedule – IY now offers classes on Friday evenings from6:30-7:45, come on in and try it out!

Upcoming Yoga Classes

July 3rdClass will focus on creating strength and flexibility in the shoulders, wrists, and neck.
July 10thWe will take a break from our usual vinyasa yoga class and do a yin yoga class to spend some time working on our joints, tendons, and fascia and to practice being still.
July 17thWe will work on creating more flexibility in our hips and strengthening lower back.
July 24th –  I will teach a traditional Ashtanga Yoga class, holding poses for five breaths while learning how we can breathe to help us get through some uncomfortable moments.
July 31stWe will focus on some leg balances and then close with some pranayama (breathing) techniques and a short meditation.