Upcoming Integrity Yoga Classes

We have a fantastic yoga instructor at Integrity Martial Arts and if you have not given his class a try, I highly recommend you do! He has some exciting new classes coming up to get your mind settled and your body flexible!

May 8thBackbends – We will work on several backbends which also are chest openers, reversing the effects of sitting hunched over at our desks at work.
May 15thWe will take a break from our usual vinyasa yoga class and do a yin yoga class to spend some time working on our joints, tendons, and fascia and to practice being still.
May 22ndWe will revisit my Ashtanga style vinyasa yoga class.
May 29thWe will work on twisting in several different positions to enjoy the benefits of “wringing out” our internal organs.

About Josh

Josh, a resident of Ellicott City, spent many years pursuing his interests in science and music but a knee injury brought his attention to his physical health. After seeing the positive effects of physical therapy he and his wife joined a local fitness club. Josh walked into his first yoga class in early 2010 and immediately was drawn to the challenge, peace, and inner strength associated with a regular practice. Josh has been regularly practicing yoga since 2010 and recently completed his LifePower Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 which had a profound effect on his practice. Students taking Josh’s yoga classes will gain freedom of expression, through an emphasis on balancing postures, strengthening postures, meditation and pranayama techniques. By discovering their true selves, students will learn how to practice yoga safely in their own bodies, while finding strength and balance they did not think they had. Josh is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher and looks forward to sharing his love of yoga with you.

Current Schedule – IY now offers classes on Friday evenings from6:30-7:45, come on in and try it out!