Integrity Martial Arts — Danielle Joseph

This letter is for my daughter, Danielle Joseph. I wanted you to know that she has not only been excelling in her regular studies in school but she has branched out and become involved in other activities like being part of the first grade spelling bee. She was also one of three from first grade to be chosen to have her art shown in a Howard County sponsored art show. My daughter’s leadership has also branched into her home activities as well. On several occasions she has taken it upon herself to ask to help with household things:

  • She reads to her little brother
  • She sets the table before dinner
  • She wants to wash dishes
  • She vacuums the floor

While doing all of these things she is also very polite and well mannered. I would say she is an exemplary child and student. She is at all times displaying her “black belt attitude.” I want to thank Integrity Martial Arts for assisting in her leadership growth.

Keep up the great work Danielle! We are all proud of your hard work.