Are you balanced?


One of the great classes offered at Integrity Martial Arts is yoga. Ask anyone taking it and they will tell you that our instructor, Hilary Dean, is fantastic and the class is phenomenal. Last week she read us a quote on balance and I want to share it with all of you because it is a good reminder.

Being balanced does not mean that you will never be thrown off-balance, but rather that you have the means to respond as effectively as possible to whatever arises. You will also be able to recover your center and your sense of contentment, again and again. Most events that occur in our lives are either unforeseen or much different than we expected. How can you find center in the present set of circumstances? Moment by moment, this is truly a balancing act of an infinite number of factors that we cannot always intellectually organize but have to feel our way through as if we were in complete darkness.
~Kathy Donnelly