About The Art

Here at Integrity Martial Arts of Laurel, MD, our foundation is the Korean Martial Art Tae Kwon Do. The earliest Korean martial arts, while not named Tae Kwon Do, had their origins as early as 33 B.C. The modern styles of Tae Kwon Do had their beginnings in 1945, at the end of the Japanese occupation of Korea. Since that time several versions of Tae Kwon Do have evolved. Integrity Martial Arts utilizes modern and traditional Tae Kwon Do so that the student is connected with the older aspects of the style, as well as utilizing many modern techniques.

We respect Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee for his contributions to bringing Tae Kwon Do to the United States and for his efforts at modernizing the art and the many great things he has, and will accomplish. We bow to you sir as a living legend in the martial arts.

Integrity Martial Arts also incorporates components of other martial arts styles as well as self defense, fitness, sport sparring. Our programs are carefully designed to enable all age groups to participate and excel in an age appropriate system.