Captain’s Cup Challenge XXIV

This is a local tournament. If you have ever been interested in seeing a tournament, this is a good opportunity.

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Dear Taekwondo Community,

Once again it is my honor to invite you to participate in Gentle East’s Captain’s Cup Challenge. This exceptional event, our twenty-fourth, will be held on November 18, 2017, at the Maryland Junior Sports Center in Jessup, MD and features traditional and creative forms, board breaking and sparring.
This year we created World Class and Grassroots divisions for age-eligible Black Belts, giving competitors the option of either full contact (World class) or Junior Safety Rules (Grassroots). We will be using Daedo scoring systems and hogus in the World Class division (only) and all World Class competitors must have Daedo footgear (available for purchase on site and Using the Daedo system we have also added a 3- member Tag Team sparring Black Belt division. (If interested in fielding a team please call the school (301.585.2272). Only 4 teams will be accepted.
Captain’s Cup Challenges are notable for the high quality of referees that work these events. Experienced International referees and seasoned National referees come from all across the country to provide exceptional officiating and this year will be no different. We are honored that Grandmaster Bernard Robinson, International S Class referee, will again serve as Referee Chair for this event. The referee uniform will be black pants, white shirt and red tie and the meeting will begin at 8:30am. Referees coming from out of town please contact me before November 10th for accommodations.
Come out on November 18th and be a part of this exciting day that blends fierce competition with Taekwondo unity. To download a registration form please visits We look forward to you being a part of this great day!
It’s All Good!

Grandmaster John L. Holloway
Tournament Director
US Team Leader, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games
US Team Captain, 1977- 1979

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