Knife and Pistol Seminar at Integrity Martial Arts

This seminar will be at Integrity Martial Arts and will be taught to you by Josh Reis:  Ganbaru Buyu Dojo

This seminar will look at protecting, accessing, deploying, using and defending against knives and pistols in a conflict. Topics covered will be keeping your weapon safe, moving to an appropriate space to access and deploy your weapon and how to use it in close quarters or disengage and create space. We will also work against someone using these weapons against us.

Also explored, use of body armor for you and the aggressor, using it as a weapon and working around it in a conflict.

This seminar is for adults only. NO, I repeat, NO live weapons will be allowed. Please bring a training pistol, holster if you have one, a training knife, and if you have it, body armor. Attire is something comfortable such as normal daily wear or gi pants. A belt will be needed to hold a holster. No shoes allowed on the mats. Please wear either indoor tabi or socks. A few extra training pistols, knives and holsters will be available for use if needed.

We will take an hour break for lunch.

Additionally, there will be an outdoor class on Saturday, 27 JUN from 1500-1700 hrs for those who are interested. This will mainly cover some unarmed aspects we will be using on Sunday. Please send a message for the details.

Cost for the seminar on Sunday, 28 JUN, is $40.

For more information about Josh Reis, please see the Ganbaru Buyu Dogo website:
Ganbaru Buyu Dojo